the urban legend bell

Have a look at these Urban Legends -  new records will come in at the top of the table

Bell ring date Date How much Thanks to
got our 5 star rating for park royal 7th October Youcef, Sofiane and the factory team
best day sales 30th August (Bank Holiday) >1200 gbp Karen and team
best day sales 21st August >900 gbp Karen and team
first deliveroo order; not made by us or an investor :)  19th August 12 pack Nicole and Cally for getting our delivery platforms in order
first sampling activity 19th August 1104 donuts given out. 2460 vouchers! Cally and Nicole
biggest production 18th August 2016 units Sof, Sid, Bernard, Tony, William, Alice
biggest production 14th August 2021 1128 units Sof, Karol, Bernard, Tony, Kandiah
best day sales  7th August 2021 >870 gbp Karen and team