Our Story


Healthier doughnuts don’t exist. Which is exactly why we invented them.

Sugar, fat, calories. Wherever you look, there’s too much of it out there. Is it all really necessary? We didn’t think so.

So, we experimented. And invented. And it turns out, it’s not.
Deliciously good doughnuts, with way less sugar and fat, can exist.
Honestly. If we didn’t make them, we wouldn’t believe us either.

70% Less Sat. Fat
65% Less Fat.
30% Less Sugar
Only 150-200kcal per doughnut*

And, we didn’t stop there…

Good source of fibre
100% natural colours and flavours
Hand decorated
Made fresh daily

Some say it’s magic.
Some say it’s science, steam-baking and swapping sugar for naturally sweet fibre.

(Guess who’s right?)

Ready to taste the unbelievable? We’re available to buy in selected Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores all across London and the South East. Or, you can head on over to our OG store in Brighton or Clapham Junction where the Urban Legend team will give you a huge welcome.

*70% Less Sat. Fat, 65% Less Fat, 30% Less Sugar when comparing the Urban Legend doughnut range, per 100g, with freshly delivered iced and filled doughnuts.

We’d love to know what you think, get in touch anytime at hello@urban-legend.com